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The Beauty of Minimalist Web Design! - Sacramento Ca
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The Beauty of Clean, Simple, Minimalist Web Design!

Minimalist Web Design Header

The Beauty of Clean, Simple, Minimalist Web Design!

What is Minimalist Web Design?

First I will start off by describing what minimalist web design is.  Chances are if you have spent anytime online you have come across minimalist design whether it be through ads, website style, logo design, various graphic designs or product packaging.  So what is minimalist design?  In minimalist design Less is More!  Yes that’s right, the less you have without cluttering a web page the simpler and cleaner  it will look.  One of the hardest things to do as a graphic designer or web designer is to make the best use of white space.  White space is the part of the design that has nothing in it.  If you go back just a few years to when distressing and clutter were popular, you will not see much use of white space.  It is much easier to create a design or website that just looks too busy.  Today minimalist web design is becoming more and more poplar because it is easy for visitors to navigate and it just looks clean, simple and beautiful.  Take out the distressing elements, cluttered backgrounds, and over use of shadows and gradients and you begin to have minimalist web design.  Though you can have backgrounds and textures while still accomplishing a minimalist look and feel.  Since minimalist design has less, layout is a key element to making it look good.  White space in the wrong areas can make the design look awkward or unbalanced.

“Everything should be as simple as possible, but never simpler.”

-Albert Einstein

5 Examples of Minimalist Web Design:

My Own Bike

My Own Bike Minimalist Web Design


Lindvall A & D

Lindvall A & D Minimalist Web Design


North East

North East Minimalist Web Design



Functionals Minimalist Web Design


Simone Marcarino

Simone Marcarino Minimalist Wb Design


Thank you for reading and if you are interested in minimalist web design for your new website you can contact me through my contact page.