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Ryan Jennings

Owner | Designer | Developer

Established in 2012 Advnt Design arose out of starting a boutique clothing brand that focused on artistry, quality, and style.  I decided that instead of just focusing on my clothing brand, I wanted to help other businesses and corporations through creating and designing identities that would stand out above their competition, therefore bringing more interest and income to their business.  I personally research my clients target market, business structure, and competition to design an identity that will rise above their competition.  My passion is to see other businesses and corporations succeed through my Branding, Identity & Web Design.  I love to work with my clients throughout the creative process to provide a service rising above their expectations.  I continue to strive toward being at the forefront of todays Web & Graphic Design world using the newest up to date technology and programs along with time tested and history proven craft and illustration.

Today every brand, company, corporation, or business needs a website. It’s not like the good old days when you could market your business through word of mouth. If you want to gain customers for your business you need a well designed website that is easy to use and easy to navigate. You need correct content that targets your audience and a nice layout that is attractive and pleasing to the eye. If your website is ugly or un-professional, you will detour possible customers to a website that grabs their attention. I design websites with visual pleasing aesthetics and simple to use navigation so your website will be a joy to use.

To create a quality professional identity design, I create my designs from scratch with creativity and research of your business and target market. Your logo and business branding will stand out from your competition, giving you a brand identity that will last for decades. Advnt Design is not an outdated design company that designs images that look like clipart. Advnt Design is educated and artistic, with a mind and vision that will produce an original piece of art that will attract your customers, therefore bringing more interest and income to your business.

Advnt Design provides Progressive Website Design and Professional Graphic Design serving Auburn, Roseville, Sacramento, and the Bay Area. Get in touch with me through my contact page for any and all of your web design and graphic design needs.

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