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Imagine having more time to build your business!

Let Us Handle Your Wordpress Headaches!

Benefit from a Simple Monthly Plan

We can make your life a little more simple

while your business grows!

Worry Free Website

Don't worry anymore, we'll have your website covered! We'll keep it running even while you sleep! You can focus on your business while we focus on your website performance and stability!

Get Huge Discounts

With our monthly pans you can get over 40% off regular prices and hourly rates! We can even customize a plan for you if your website needs more hours of custom changes per month!

Stay Fresh

Keep your business fresh with continuous updates and new content to draw in more prospects! Choose what you want us to work on whether it be SEO, fresh content & images, site performance, or a new look!

WordPress Updates & Maintenance Plans

Keep Your WordPress Website Secure & Bug Free!

  • Basic Updates

  • $59monthly
    • WordPress Updates
    • Theme Updates
    • Plugin Updates
    • Website Cloud Backups

  • Premium Updates

  • $125monthly
    • WordPress Updates
    • Theme Updates
    • Plugin Updates
    • Website Cloud Backups
    • 1 Hour Content Updates/Site Changes

  • Pro Updates

  • $249monthly
    • WordPress Updates
    • Theme Updates
    • Plugin Updates
    • Website Cloud Backups
    • Up to 3 Hours Content Updates/Site Changes & Optimization

Keep Your Website Fresh

FAQ’s on why it’s important to keep your WordPress Website Updated

Why do I need updates & maintenance on my website?

The Internet is always changing and evolving with new ways of doing things.  Hackers are always trying to destroy and steal important information.  What worked yesterday to keep your site secure and bug free may not work today or tomorrow.  Just like your smart phone, tablet, or computer is continuously needing an update, the same is true for your website.  Technology does not stand still, therefore the technology of your website needs to be updated to run the way it should when new updates are available.

What gets updated on my website?

There are 3 things that will get updated on your website.

– WordPress
– Theme
– Plugins

These three building blocks are continually being updated with new releases by developers to keep websites secure and running smoothly.

We will also keep backups of your website for added peace of mind just in case your hosting should ever go down.

Can I update my website myself?

You can update your website by yourself, but the chances are that you will break your site.  There is a process in knowing what to update and knowing what broke your site when an update isn’t compatible.  You can’t just go in and click the update button and everything will be ok.  Updates will ruin your site a pretty high percentage of the time and troubleshooting must take place to fix and make things right again.  There is also custom code that can get deleted or not transfer right with certain updates.  You will pay more for having your website fixed in the long run.

Wordpress Updates & Maintenance
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